Welcome to Your Trip!

We focus on great travel adventures in Central Europe and the Czech

Republic, the places we call “home”. We travel in small groups, stay

in the best available hotels and inns and enjoy local cuisine. We like to surprise you with treats and special events, and along the journey we

think little things are important like always having a snack basket with fresh fruit or introducing you to local inspiring people. We also believe

that in order to feel the pulse of a new place, you should slow down...

that’s why most of our adventures are on foot or in the saddle of a well equipped bike. While we do ask that you be in reasonable fitness and

good health, we fully respect everyone’s age and tempo. Chances are,

you’ll join us for the trip of a lifetime, a trip that will leave you enriched and inspired as you never thought it would.

We are passionate

about Prague and

Central Europe and

we think you’ll love

it too. Expect to be


              ABOUT US                                            

The Spark

Before we create any trip, there’s always ‘the spark’ that makes us

fall in love with some place and its people. And then it’s simple...you

can’t live without going back there. You make friends there and you

start to feel the pulse of daily life. Ultimately, you want to share your

discovery with others. The secret to sharing the spark lies in designing

the best itinerary around the most incredible places, and finding great

guides who are on fire about taking you there. We proudly announce

that we’ve done all this for you.

Our Guides

Our guides are simply the best. Each one is unique. They are PhD.

students, professional photographers, interpreters, teachers,

filmmakers, museum curators...even a dentist! They know the back

roads, the hidden paths, the most delicious mushrooms to pick in the forest, the best wine, and the nearest flower shop when someone has

a birthday. Each guide speaks both excellent English and the local

language, so they will provide knowledge about the history, geography,

politics, cuisine, and customs of each region. Having your questions

answered is the best part of traveling with local guides and because

most of our guides are showing you around their native country, they

can also share authentic stories like how it was growing up behind the

Iron Curtain. Simply put, when you’re traveling, the guides provide a framework that helps you interpret and understand what’s around you.


Traveling to remote places and wonderful villages means we choose

from the best available hotels. We gravitate toward places that

have flair and surprising history; be it a former 17th Century synagogue

in a traditional wine growing town, 16th Century Renaissance house

with stunning artistic interiors, or a spaceship-like 1970’s mountaintop

hotel that could have starred in a James Bond film but instead was

awarded the Perret’s Prize of the International Union of Architects. We

believe that having a good night’s sleep in a special place is just as

important as visiting great places when you’re awake. We’ve chosen

carefully...sweet dreams!


People in the Czech Republic say, “love begins in the stomach”. It’s

obvious that a big part of this country’s DNA is wrapped around food.

Every country in Central Europe has its own personality and it’s own

cuisine. It could be the amazing organic slow food movement of

Slovenian farms, the perfect Bratwurst-sauerkraut-mustard-sandwich at

the Wurstkuchl grill in Regensburg, or the light and fluffy dumplings with

traditionally spiced gravy in Prague. Awesome restaurants help you get

to know the local cuisine, but it’s the home-hosted dinners, surprise

cooking classes or private wine tasting in a proud vintner’s cellar that

embrace the hidden flavors and styles of cooking. To top it off, get ready

for our signature picnics full of local specialties as well as daily treats

from our famous ‘basket always full’ that rides in the vehicle.

Artists and Artisans

We have traveled extensively to find the best walks, hikes and bike

routes. Along the way we’ve met interesting locals, discovered great

chefs, and found amazing wine makers, farmers and artists. These

individuals reveal the heart of a country and we strongly believe that

local personalities make travel experiences more vivid and rewarding.

After you meet someone local, you become less a visitor and more a

member of the world family, because sharing stories inspires you and

extends the borders of your home forever.


Local encounters and cultural events are woven into trips so

you feel the spirit of a region.

Step into workshops of local

artisans and artists, their

creations will inspire you.

Get ready for our trademark

picnics, overflowing with

delicious treats and treasures.

  1. 1.Put on your apron

  2. 2.Learn how to make “knedliky”

  3. 3.Never forget the evening!

A private wine tasting means

you’ll meet the proud vintner

and try his delicious wine.