Activity Level: 2/3 - moderate with optional long rides

Activity Level             

Our Levels

We want our trips to be active adventures that also feel great. We rate

our trips 1-5 so that you have some idea about their level of physical

activity. If you have any questions regarding the rating or details of a

particular trip, just contact us and we’ll go over it with you.

    1  Easy - very short journeys with easy elevation changes

    2  Moderate - half day journeys with mild elevation changes

    3  Long - half & full day journeys with mild elevation changes

    4  Difficult - full day journeys with difficult elevation changes

    5  Extreme - full day journeys with extreme conditions

This biking trip offers moderately strenuous rides of between 30-60 miles each

day with optional longer rides available. The road conditions may be bumpy at

times and therefore a hybrid bike with street tires and front suspension is

recommended (and included in the price). Daily van support means you may

choose to be picked up along the way if you would like to shorten your ride.

     *  Price per double occupancy.  $460 single supplement.  See terms and conditions for additional price information. 

   **  Scheduled trips operate with a minimum of six travelers. Custom dates are possible if you arrange your own group of

         six or more travelers.

        CZECH “TUSCANY”  Biking - 9 days

   * Price $3595 USD


   * Contact us for

  1.    custom dates.