Made in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is famous for its wooden carved marionettes,

bohemian crystal, and late harvest white wines. We know many of

the most talented artists, wine makers and local designers who offer

wonderful, unique gifts. Please contact us.

White Wine

Red wines from Moravia are good, but the white wines win medals from international tasting competitions. Moravia’s crisp, Fall air means the “late harvest” hay wines or ice wines are some of the best in the world.


Artists in the Czech Republic are talented in glass and metal works. If you are interested in finding a unique object that inspires you, then let us introduce some of the pieces from our favorite painters, sculptors, designers and artists.


Botanicus is a local producer that focuses on great smelling herbal soaps, lotions and oils. They also offer many other products which are made or harvested in the Czech Republic. Botanicus shops are ideal places for gift hunting and souvenirs.

Crystal, Glass, and Ceramic

Bohemian crystal, glass, and ceramics are famous Czech gifts. Artisans continue to create functional and beautiful pieces. Flower vases, serving bowls, stylish plates, or classy mugs make great gifts.


Storytelling with marionettes has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. In the 19th Century, Czech artists were world renowned for their wooden puppet-making. Marionettes are classic Czech gifts and the finest ones are more like amazing works of art.


The fiery red color of a Bohemian garnet is specific to the region North of Prague called Czech Paradise. These precious stones have  light refraction that’s totally unique to this region. We can recommend specific jewelers that offer a fine selection of settings.

Gifts are like memories we can see and touch. Here are a few classic Czech gifts,

if you would like assistance purchasing something, please contact us.