“It has been the most wonderful journey filled
with surprises and adventures every day. You
have set the bar high for any trip in the future.
Thank you...thank you.” Anne D.

Southern Moravia is Czech Republic’s

“Tuscany”. Delicious food, old wine

cellars, and beautiful backroads are

the recipe for an unforgettable bike

trip from Vienna to Prague.

The Czech Republic flourished during

the Renaissance. Walk from Vienna

to Prague and see fairytale villages,

classic chateaus, and ripe vineyards.

The Renaissance spirit continues!

  1. Walking trip

  2. Vienna to Prague

  3. 8 nights/9 days

  1. Walking trip

  2. Salzburg to Prague

  3. 8 nights/9 days

We design Central European trips based

on your wishes. We arrange trips for

families, friends, team building, and

student groups. Trips may emphasize

culture, heritage, music, or cuisine.

  1. Walking or Biking trips

  2. Central Europe

  3. Flexible trip length

  1. Walking trips

  2. Prague, Czech Republic

  3. 1-3 days

  1. Biking trip

  2. Vienna to Prague

  3. 8 nights/9 days

In medieval Europe, salt was traded

for gold. Walk the old ‘salt to gold’

route from Salzburg to Prague and

experience its lakeside towns, lush

forests, and lofty alpine peaks.

Explore Prague with a welcoming, local

guide and you’ll see why it’s such a

magical place. Museums, viewpoints,

parks, and restaurants are arranged in

one, two or three day walking tours for

either private or corporate groups.

Our finest trip. Slovenia’s best cuisine

and coziest places are at the core of

this tour as it takes you from the

majestic Julian Alps to seaside towns

of the Adriatic Sea.

  1. Walking trip

  2. Ljubljana to Piran

  3. 7 nights/8 days