SALT to GOLD  Walking - 9 days

Salzburg to Prague, Walking the ‘Golden Path’

Trip Overview             

During medieval times, salt and gold were Europe’s most precious natural resources

and their trade established the ‘Golden Path’ leading from Salzburg to Prague. This

trip covers Austria, Bavaria, and Bohemia, the three historic regions that played a

vital role in the wealthy exchanging of salt for gold. We begin around Austria’s famous

alpine salt mines, continue through the awesome landscapes of Bavaria, and finally

reach what was known as the Bohemian gold fields. Along the way, hike up to

mountain towns, walk through deep forests, hop across borders, glide on glassy lakes,

and travel from the majestic city of Salzburg to Prague, the city of spires. Clearly, salt

and gold are no longer the most precious natural resource this region has to offer.


Cross the Konigssee, the Alps’ deepest lake, ringed

with Bavaria’s mightiest, snow capped peaks.

Stroll in the magical towns of Regensburg and

Cesky Krumlov, medieval treasures and UNESCO

World Heritage Site.

Pass through the thick forests of Sumava where a

crossroads of culture ended up as the Iron Curtain. 

Take a Bavarian Rowboat to Germany's oldest

monastery with the best Dunkel beer in the world.


Day 1  Salt + Castle = Salzburg - Arrive in the grand city of Salzburg, one of

Austria’s most beautiful cities because of the precious salt collected from its

nearby Alps. Stroll the narrow lanes during a guided tour and hear about its

gardens, green hills, architecture, fortress and of course The Sound of Music.

Day 2-3  Awesome Bavarian Alps - Enter Bavaria’s Berchtesgaden National

Park. This is the ‘Yosemite’ of Europe and artists have been inspired here for

generations. Our hotel sits on the banks of the Konigssee where the mirrored

reflections of Bavaria’s mightiest mountains are simply awesome. A boat glides

us across the Konigssee so that we can hike to the upper lake and before we

leave, witness the most scenic place of all, the ‘painter’s corner’. This national

park is unforgettable.

Day 4 Ancient Bavarian Monastery - Mined salt from the Alps was transported

up stream on the rivers Salzach, Inn and Danube. We follow this path toward

Regensburg where salt was stored before transfer to horse carts. Today, we

hold the hands of angels in the 150 year old "Hall of Liberation" built to

commemorate the victories against Napoleon during the Wars of Liberation. An

afternoon hike through lush forests above the river Danube is rewarded with a

late lunch in the biergarden of the oldest monastery in Germany's - Weltenburg.

Let's toast the day with the local "Dunkel" beer that scored a gold medal in the

World Beer Cup.

Day 5  Fields of Gold to Iron Curtains - A morning Regensburg walking tour

takes us around the imposing 13th century St. Peter's Cathedral. At the Danube

whirlpools, under one of the oldest bridges in Europe, we spoil our tastebuds with

bratwurst and sauerkraut from a medieval tavern "Wurstkuchl". During an afternoon

hike alongside the majestic, stony river Vydra, we explore the history of the

Bohemian borderlands, former gold mining fields turned into the Iron Curtain in

the 1950s.

Day 6-7  A Fairytale Castle and Cobblestone Lanes - Cesky Krumlov’s castle

reaches high above the Vltava river and the town’s charming cobblestone streets.

This is the second largest castle complex in the Czech Republic and inspiration

for the famous impressionist painter Egon Shiele.

Day 8-9  City of One Hundred Spires - A walking tour through this magical city

reveals some of Prague’s amazing secrets. Cross the famous Charles bridge at

sunset and gasp when you enter the stunningly beautiful old town square.


  1. From Salzburg to Prague

  2. 8 nights/9 days walking trip

  3. Professional bilingual guides

  4. Van support/Luggage transfers

  5. Hotels and Inns with private baths


  1. Moderate to long countryside hikes

  2. Focus on history, architecture, and nature

  3. All meals included, except one dinner

  4. Entrance fees and beer tastings included

  5. Single room supplement available

Trip Flow

Walking countrysides, exploring castles, and strolling through towns are the core

activities of this trip with 2-5 hours of moderate/long countryside, trail walking

each day. Our vehicle transfers your luggage between the hotels so you can carry

just a daypack. If you’d like to take a break the vehicle is available for transport


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Trip Prep

Before the trip, you will receive an information packet containing a recommended

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